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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 19, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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no they don't. hey son. have fun tonight. ♪ ♪ back against the wall ♪ ain't nothin to me ♪ ain't nothin to me [ crowd murmurs ] hey! ♪ [ howls ]
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>> look at this individual grown. pope francis. look at that. the world celebrates his official commencement as our next pope. just wanted to share that moment with you. thanks for watching. he's shepard. >> shepard: a beautiful morning in rome. >> welcome back. >> shepard: thank you. there's been a deadly explosion that killed seven u.s. marines, happened right here at home in the heart of the nevada desert. the syrian regime took time away from killing its own people to claim the rebels there launched the first chemical weapons attack. but the united states is not buying it. and some economists are now saying that there's a shadow economy that could explain why the retail sales are rising
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despite static credit spending and paychecks. an explanation at last. at it all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. from fox, at 3:00 in new york city, seven u.s. marines are dead and several others hurt after a training exercise in nevada. it happened at hawthorne army depot there last night. the military uses that base to store weapons and train troops. according to military sources, large mortar, like the one you see hour, somehow exploded. officials describe frantic scene. it was 45-minute chopper flight to the nearest trauma center in reno. today the white house says the president is watching the developments. >> the president's thoughts and prayers go to the families of those who were lost and those who are injured.
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we're obviously in the early stages of assessing the incident. it's a tragedy, clearly, and the president was briefed immediately on -- and made aware of it immediately and briefed on it, and we're monitoring the situation. >> shepard: we're expecting a news conference. do we know if the marines have any clue what happened here? reporter: well, shep, it's not clear, but the 60-millimeter more tar being used in the activities, it exploded prematurely, we're told. five marines were killed instantly. one died awaiting med-evac. one died on route to the hospital. seven more were injured some were taken 140-miles to reno for treatment. the incident did not involve the ammunition depose -- depots. the marines were from camp he
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judge, where there will be a press conference. an investigate team is on the ground to find out why this mortar exploded prematurely. >> shepard: before we know what the cause or victims, already politicians are, well, bringing in politics. reporter: well, senator harry reid of nevada was on the senate floor hours after the accident. it happened in his home state of nevada. he used it as an example of how sequestration, those budget cuts, will harm military readiness. >> just not appropriate, mr. president, that our military can't train and do the maintenance necessary. these men and women are marines who were training there in hawthorne, and with the sequester it's going to cut this stuff back. i hope everyone understands the sacrifices made by our military. they are significant.
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reporter: there are reports there's been a worldwide ban on using these 60-millimeter mortars while the investigation take place. but marine officials tell us they're not aware of such ban at this time. >> shepard: jennifer, thanks. the syrian regime that lied about the torture of its people, today made the claim that the rebel fighters launched a deadly chemical weapons attack. it is said the rebels used a chemical agent that killed dozen0s people and wounded dozens more. state media claims this video shows some of the victims. we can't confirm. but russia, the syrian government's ally and main weapons provider, is backing the regime's claim. syrian rebel spokesman accuse the government of using the weapon, saying this is all part of president assad's propaganda
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effort to mislead public opinion. the white house says it has no evidence on either side that anyone used any chemical agent. we'll have more on the administration's reaction in a moment. >> first, let's get to jonathan hunt. impossible to know if this is true. but we can look at this video and draw at least some preliminary, well, conclusions. >> we can't be certain about anything, but if you look at the video that is allegedly from this attack, and shows the victims, there's nothing here that would indicate, for instance, gas, the twitching of the victims, vomiting, drooling, mustard good, you would see blistering on the skin. we don't see any of those things in this video, and also we have not yet heard anywhere in the past fewer months or past couple years, any evidence that the rebels themselves have got their hands on chemical weapons as the syrian national cancer spokesman said earlier today. listen.
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>> the rebels don't have access to chemical weapons. they don't have access to the means of launching chemical weapons. simply put, if chemical weapons were used -- that's a big if -- if they were used, the syrian government has access to these chemical weapons and would have used them against the civilian population. reporter: it's also worth pointing out the phrase chemical weapon can be used loosely, and can include other things like tear gas, which could include the sort of breathing problems we heard talked about today. >> shepard: the rebels asked for more weapons. do we know what each side has? >> we're told by the u.s. officials that the syrian government does indeed have one of the world's largest stockpiles of chemical weapons. but who has control of those weapons? what figures within the government and which brigades of the army, and as you see
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discipline breaking down, as it appears to be doing, among the syrian army, albeit slowly, certain brigade commanders might be acting on their own and might ultimately act on their own firing chemical weapons. then there's the rebels, we've heard again and again we don't know who the rebels are, who the supporters of democracy are, and who the islamic extremist are. all the evidence suggests that chemical weapons were not used today, shep. but few would bet against somebody at some point using them somewhere in syria. >> shepard: the white house, the state department, and pentagon have all pushed back to varying degrees against the syrian government's accusation that the rebels launched chemical weapons. the white house spokesman, jay carney, today said the white house has no evidence to support the claims. but jay carney did issue another warning to the syrian government, which reportedly has one of the world's largest
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stockpiles of chemical weapons. >> it's important that as fighting in syria intensifies and the regime becomes more desperate, that the united states and international community make absolutely clear to assad that the use of chemical weapons would be totally unacceptable. the president was clear when he said if assad and those under his commend make the mistake of using chemical weapons or do not secure them there will be consequences. >> shepard: that's the white house. the pentagon spokesman said that he could not corroborate that anyone used chemical weapons in sir ra, but it will monitor the situation. let's get to the white house. james is there. we have heard only slightly different things from the white house pentagon, and state department. can you sort it out? reporter: the white house only said it had no evidence as regards to rebels using chemical weapons. the pentagon said it has no evidence that either side used them in the syrian civil war. as you noted, syrian state-run
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tv was first to air the allegation, showing images who the regime said are victims of the attack. but the state department here in washington all but accused the government in damascus of lying. >> we've seen reports from the assad regime, alleging the opposition has been responsible for use. let me just say we have no reason to believe these allegations represent anything more than the regime's continued attempts to discredit the legitimate opposition and distract from it own atrocities committed against the syrian people. reporter: beyond that, serb u.s. officials refused to speaker citing need for intelligence sources. >> shepard: there was more to it than that. >> you hear spokesman say it, the president has been very clear about this and we heard that again today from jay carney at the white house.
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in the case of syria, where the dictatorial president, bashar assad, is believed to maintain one of the world's largest arsenals of biological and chemical weapons. president obama laid out two conditions he said would cause him to rethink the hands off posture maintained. >> we have been very clear to the assad regime and also other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change my calculus. reporter: being moved around or utilized. they're concerned about proliferation and the weapons getting in the wrong hands. there will reports back in december of 2012 that the syrian regime disbursed a gas that
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cause hallucinations. >> shepard: now jodi arias, she says she does not remember stabbing her ex-boyfriend 27 times. her lawyers tried to explain that the memory lapse, with the help of a psychologist, and today in court prosecutors were not buying it. wait until you hear the tough cross-examination next. a teenager who killed three students in a school shooting last year, never showed any remorse, and for his sentencing he scrawled the world "killer" on his own t-shirt. how do you think that turned out?
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>> shepard: the murder trial against jodi arias continued hammering the defense expert. the psychologist admitted under cross-examination yesterday that jodi arias lied in the test he used to diagnosis he with post trauma stress disorder.
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the prosecutor says she stabbed her boyfriend 27 times-shot him and slit his throat. but jodi arias said she can't remember the stabbing part, only the shooting, and she pulled the trigger in self-defense. the psychologist said he interviewed her multiple times and could have had amnesia. the prosecutor went after the witness, asking if some of ofindings were based on lies from jodi arias, and things got heated. >> chose not to do that. >> repeat. >> chose not to address these incoinses in any written form. >> the focus of my exam -- >> not responding to my question. >> jodi arias changed her story a couple times before claiming self-defense. man, the prosecution just went after this guy. reporter: it's been quite a show the last couple of days. they sparred back and fog.
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that little clip and we have more. the prosecutor is dismantling one of two defense witnesses they were going to use to rebuild the story that jodi arias killed in self-defense. yesterday basically what he god this man to admit is she lied on her ptsd test, and today he was trying to rebuild that, but the prosecutor was not taking that at all. take a his listen to this exchange. >> you don't know that, do you? >> no, i don't. i'm speculating. >> right. made it up right now. >> no. >> clinical judgment. >> sergio, just used the word speculating, didn't you? >> okay. i used the word. >> sure. and speculating means it could be made up. right? >> yes, that's one possibility. >> all right. thank you. reporter: quite a gotcha moment.
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the prosecutor making headway with the main defense witness. >> shepard: there's another witness coming up to help plug the holes in this story? reporter: yeah. after scrod diwas on the stand for 18 days, a lot of people believed that the defense had their work cut out for them so they have the his doctor and one more witness as well, but this one not going so well. the next one the defense has to hope will go better because those two witnesses are the ones they're trying to rebuild their case. we do expect samuels to be on the stand more today men and the next witness potentially tomorrow. >> shepard: adam, thanks. the teenager who shot and killed three students inside a high school cafeteria last year, smirked as the judge sentenced him to the maximum sentence, life in prison with no chance for parole. here he is. his name is -- well, t.j. layne. you can see the teen wore a white t-shirt with the word
12:20 pm
"killer" written on it, and at one point he flipped the middle finger to the entire courtroom. the prosecutor reminded the judge the sunday suspect wore a similar shirt to school on the same day the fired the shots inside a cafeteria in february last year. he also wounded three students, paralyzing one of them from the waist down. the defense and prosecution asked the suspect undergo testing to determine if he was competent to stand trial, and today the judge said it appeared the teen faked a mental illness and was a bright student, set to graduate early. the mother of one student who died called the shooter a pathetic human being and hoped he experience an extremely slow, torturous death. >> reports show we're spending more money but we're not making more, and we're not spending more on our credit card. where is all that cash coming from?
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an expert says there's an explanation here and it's not exactly on the up and up. the sideline economy. what it means big picture for all of us. that's coming up. insure
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>> shepard: 22 minutes past the hour. today our lawmakers tackling the latest crisis on calol hill, this time a government shutup. right now the senate is working on a deal to keep the government running for the next six months and is likely to pass, but as is the case in washington, this one is coming down to the wire. government by crisis, they've perfected it. mike is on capitol hill. reporter: the continuing resolution would fund the government from march 27th 27th until the end of september, passed with a
12:25 pm
procedural vote last night. does not appear to be a whole lot of drama but as yogi bear says, it ain't over until it's over. >> we are going to finish the cr and finish the budget before we leave here for easter break. that's for sure. my caucus noses this. the republicans should understand this. senator sessions who was on the noor today saying, i've got a great idea, wait until after easter to do that. not a chance. we're going to move forward on this. reporter: we expect they'll pass the continuing resolution in the next day or so, and as you hear from senator reid, he wants to work an the senate democrats' budget plan before he allows lawmakers to leave town before the easter recess. >> shepard: they want to believe that the republicans are more focused on the budget
12:26 pm
resolution. >> they say it increases spending-increases debt, raises taxes and never balances. the top republican for budgetary issues blasted the democratic plan. >> now we know why senator reid did not want to bring up a budget. the plan from the democratic leadership is a failed plan for america. it does not alter the debt course of america, has no growth component to it. it spends more and taxes more. reporter: but these budget resolutions only require a simple majority so there are enough democrats to pass the democrats' budget resolution without republican votes needed. and so there you have republicans in the senate, all they can do is bash the plan. they cannot actually stop it. the house republicans are passing the paul ryan plan, and so then they'll go to conference and that where the heavy lifting will begin. >> shepard: the paul ripe plan
12:27 pm
has zero chance. >> it will pass the house and then they'll try to iron it out between the two plans. the paul ryan plan on its own would not be signed by president obama, would not pass the senate, burt it will pass the house. >> shepard: mike, thank you. meantime, something about our economy does not add up. we all know that. the latest government numbers show consumers spending grew at a strong pace. that's great because consumer spending counts for 70% of the total economic activity. here's the weird part. we're not seeing the expected comparable rise in our paychecks. we're spending more but no making more, and we're not spending more on credit cards. in fact the expert said the payroll tax hike would slow spending. it did not. so what is this? and rick suggests that more americans are taking advantage of the underground economy, earning and spending cash off
12:28 pm
the books to avoid taxes or other regulations. rich is with us know. the chief been the correspondent for u.s. news and world report. at it the worst kept secret in the nation there is an enormous underground economy where people get paid cash and don't get benefits. it's a cash world. >> some of that is a constant. we know about landscape workers and nannies and illicit operators like drawing dealers and bookies who work in the dark economy. but the speculation now is that this sector has ground largely because people who got laid off are now doing jobs where they get paid in cash or doing work around their enable and can even be professional type jobs. somebody who maybe used to work in the i.t. department and got laid off and is now fixing computers around the neighbor. there could be free lanceres-consultants. not all the jibes require you to get paid with a w2 form and a
12:29 pm
tax form. so the speculation is, the underground economy could be as large as 10% of gdp or bigger, and those people don't report the money they earn but they spend it. so it shows some spend budget not incomes. >> shepard: so one dollar out of ten, is a dollar that misses a layer of taxation. reporter: that's right. >> shepard: and those people are missing benefits. reporter: they're missing benefits but it actually surpasses probably more than one laaxation because they're not paying state taxes, local taxes, or federal taxes. california says they miss about $6.5 billion a year in tax revenue because of the underground economy. you multiply that out, that's a lot of money. adds up to more than they sequester. >> shepard: a large part of that is the failed drug war. but the drug war -- the reason it existed now, frankly, is that there's such an enormous economy around the failed drug war, that
12:30 pm
all the people who work in this failed industry, if you closed the failed drug war industry, you'd have hundreds of thousands of people without jobs. reporter: i suppose. or do the opposite which is make marijuana legal and maybe try to tax it. >> shepard: and regulate it. reporter: i think that illegal activity is a constant and what is new is work that is actually legal, it's just not -- off the books and the income is not being reported. >> shepard: changing world. >> it is. >> shepard: this dire situation in syria got more complicated, at least for today. coming up more on the reported use of chemical weapons. now, we can't confirm any of this. the white house called such an attack a red line and said crossing it would get the just -- well, not that the u.s. directly involved but it would change the president's strategic thinking on this matter. at any rate, did they do it? we're not sure. pope francis living up to his reputation as the people's
12:31 pm
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starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. >> shepard: as the syrian government and rebels trade accusations on chemical weapons, the democratic senator, bob casey, and republican marco
12:35 pm
rubio unveiled legislation that would give the rebels body armor and communications gear, but it would not immediately arm the opposition with any lethal weapons. at least not as far as we know. the united states has been weighing whether to get more engaged in sera as the self -- civil war gets bloodier. joining us, he is a senior analyst. arm them. what do you think? >> well, shep, if the reports are true, of chemical weapon use, and even if they're not but if the rumor grows, there's going to be increased pressure arm them. as you have reported the president called chemical weapons use a red line. while there's not high appetite to go in and attack the country, using an aerial bombardment, there's a high likelihood the call to arm them would be seen
12:36 pm
as a compromise between inaction and going in. so the chemical weapons story will have a strong bearing on that. >> shepard: from your reporting in this region, is it your sense that the politicians ever read a history book? they would look at the history book and see what has happened when we have armed people in that part of the world and how years or months later the arms come back around and kill americans. they've read those same books, right? >> i think it's clear they haven't taken a close look at it, because the -- if they were to arm them they clearly hasn't fount a mechanism to keep the weapons in the hand of the -- and even if they were given to the right groups there's a high likelihood they would end up in the hand odd of islamic rebels. >> shepard: isn't it true that some of those -- the rebels at the beginning it seems almost universally true were locals who were fed up.
12:37 pm
but that some of them have now come from other countries that don't like us. reporter: from the balkans and libya, and in iraq and elsewhere. the commanders of these forces are still serious but there's a strong foreign element that will continue to influence what is going on with this movement going forward. >> shepard: this is just from a dumb guy looking at things. the syrian government runs the syrian media. >> that's right. >> shepard: it's the syrian media is saying somebody used chemical weapons, with the knowledge that our president said that's a line in the san, which would suggest to me that the syrian government would like to get all of us involve. wonder why? reporter: the syrian government has been incredibly shrewd at reading the pain thresh hold of its allies, like russia and iran and it's enemies, the united states and nato, et cetera. it knows how to walk up to that line and it's been very good at
12:38 pm
it. so if it did in fact use the weapons and you're reporting earlier suggested it depend and i agree -- but it knows it jumps out there with state media first, putting the world out saying it was the rebels. you saw the russians very quickly piggybacked on to that, supporting the government line. that suggests to me not just that they're allies of syria bought the know the seriousness of. the -- the consequences if the chemical weapons are used. >> shepard: big picture, if the syrian government could now have a new bad guy -- in other words, the united states or nato or our allies, sending weapons in to arm the force -- that might shore up his support within the country. what a falling dictator needs is internal support. >> shout absolutely. we saw it happen early on when they were cruising the uprising
12:39 pm
been islamist led, and it wasn't. now there's foreign intervention, lethal and nonlethal aid. if they can cop sol day support, the could hang on for quite a while more. >> shepard: also a foreign country drags you to food and water by leash, don't forget to look up and see whose hand is on the end of the thing. it's important to take a close look. we're doing that today and we'll let you know. now the vatican. word today tens of thousands of faithful gathered for the nonracing of pope francis. the pontiff lived up to his growing reputation as a person of the pope -- mine a person of the people. he rode threw stay st. peter's square, not in the pull mobile, but in an open jeep. he climbed out and waked around, blessing man confined to a
12:40 pm
wheelchair. he kissed young children in the crowd. and during the homily, pope francis drew applause by thinking his predecessor, pope benedict, who second down, and he talked about his choice of the word francis, who cared for the poor and week. >> translator: it means protecting people. showing love and concern for each other and every person, especially children. the elderly, those in need, who are often the last you think about. >> shepard: just as we saw, when he was electioned last week, he pleaded with the crowd to play for him. amy kellogg has been on hand throughout the process and is live this early evening in rome. hi, amy. reporter: high, shep. pope francis hit on the theme of taking care of all people, whether they be poor or sick, old or in prison, and said it's important to be tender and having a heart.
12:41 pm
then he met with all sorts of and foreign dignitaries including u.s. vice-president joe biden, who apparently joked to italy's president later in the day he didn't know you could arrange for a new pope so quickly. to which the italian president equipped back, they're quicker than italian politics. people made much of the pope's blessing, so many children, babies, which is something popes do, but each has his own style. >> popes do kiss babies. that's part of the job description. i always laughed with pope benedict. i said that clearly doesn't come naturally for him. he learned how to do it and to greet the newlyweds, another thing they do every week. john paul loved it. i could tell pope benedict kissing babies was always like, well -- he got used to it and got better at it, but you can tell with pope francis, that's part of the game. he wants to touch people as much as he can. reporter: pope francis today
12:42 pm
called the pope emeritus, pope benedict, to wish him happy st. joseph's day, the pope emeritus was born joseph ratzinger. >> shepard: thank you're such. mayor bloomberg says kids should not see cigarettes for sale. now he is trying to turn that idea into the law. from the man who brought us sugary soda ban, hiding the smoke. [ male announcer ] it's relobster's lobsterfest
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>> shepard: 17 minutes before the hour. just looking at cigarettes can apparently hurt you. that's the argument from new york city mayor michael bloomberg, he is introducing a new law to have stores hide cigarettes, and he says seeing cigarettes can make it harder
12:46 pm
for smokers to quit. critics are comparing this to the mayor's attempted ban on large sugary sodas, and that was struck down last week as arbitrary and capricious. here's our legal panel. defense attorney, heather hansen, and joanna spilborghs are with us. i don't know, heather. they have beer in the case. i don't know. >> i have to tell you, shep, i think there's a good legalling ament this can't stand. it's the fda's job and not the state's job to regulate this stuff. second of all there's a free speech argument that is very strong here. they're advertising and they can't regulate free speech. other regulations on advertising have not passed and there's a strong free speech argument as well. >> i don't think there's any
12:47 pm
legal argument against what bloomberg wants to do. he is not saying you can't sell cigarettes. he is saying you can't display them -- >> they do it with playboy magazine. >> it's been proven it will discourage younger people from picking up the habit. >> if you're not 18, you can't buy them. then go after that. >> good luck trying to get anything under 21. they'll yank your license and burn your building down, unless you want weed or something, which you can get easily, i'm confident. >> that's the other argument. if you're a smoker you don't walk into a bodega and order off a menu. >> they're trying to market to the public. it's free speech. advertising. i have to say, bloomberg gave us the best possible argument by saying these displays suggest that smoking is a normal activity and invite children to smoke. so, invite, that's speech.
12:48 pm
>> shepard: the city would probably dry up and die if they didn't have a cigarette tax. one block from this building, less than a block, cigarettes are 16.57 a pack. that's a lot of taxes. >> that's exactly right. and -- that's appropriate. >> shepard: i wasn't saying it was inappropriate or appropriate, but they make a lot of money. >> people should have the right to smoke and should not take away the store oregon0s right to -- >> they can sell advertise it. they just can't show she actual cigarette. >> isn't the real thing that mayor bloomberg is establishing himself a legacy so years from now people can say it was bloomberg who -- >> i think that's absolutely what this is. >> he knows he can't do this. >> he thinks outside the box and he is -- >> i think he thinks he can do
12:49 pm
this. >> and he's going to live to be 100. >> shepard: as one who moved to the city at a time when you could smoke in bars, and when they started to say you can't smoke in bars, i'm like, this will never happen in new york. everyone smokes. >> he is go at what he does. >> he builds the machines that run the world, too. don't know where i was going with that. this won't pass. if it does, we'll let you know. ten years after the united states invaded iraq, well, hopefully we're learning lessons about the war and what it can cost news blood and treasure 'up next, we hear from some of the troops who were first on the ground. plus, a new report shows that the death rate for alzheimer's has skyrocketed over the past decades. why this is happening. the disturbing numbers coming right up. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way.
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>> shepard: more than 50 people are dead now after a series of bombings in baghdad ten years to the day after the united states announced operation iraqi freedom. investigators say it appeared that al qaeda was behind the string of roadside bombs, car bombs, targeting government buildings, restaurants and bus stops, and wounding more than 50 people. it's another sign that iraq is under the control of sectarian violence, when -- today, president obama issued a statement, part of which reads: the united states continues to work with our iraqi partners to advance our shared interest in security and peace. rick was with the u.s. marines who led the ground invasion and is live. >> we wanted to focus on the
12:54 pm
marines we spent time with then. one of the -- them fired the very first shots on the ground. sergeant bill was the gunner with the third light armor recognizance battalion, taking out an iraqi guard post. then the pushed north towards baghdad, he says he remembers most the long hours, lack of sleep, pushing his bid to the max and being grateful for the training he did in the years leading up to the invasion. >> remember being in iraq, and saying, man, the last six years, this is exactly what they told me it was going to be like, train for it, and better prepared when i was thrown into it. >> sergeant is still in the corps, promoted to first sergeant, spending time with his wife and two you can sons while
12:55 pm
helping train reservist, and he says he doesn't regret a day of service and still believes or troops made a difference in iraq. >> a culture of someone always putting their foot on their necks and i think the u.s. military, along with its allies, did a great job of trying to release that pressure. >> he says that spending all that time in those challenging conditions made him a lot more grateful for what he has back at home. >> shepard: thank you. the number of americans dying of alzheimer's disease is going way up. that's according to a report from the alzheimer's association. it found the death rate for the brain-destroying condition, jumped 68% over the past decade, and claims one in three senior citizens will die with some sort of dementia. white people and women are more at risk of dying from alzheimer's. researchers do not know what caused the spike but is likely related to the rapidly growing
12:56 pm
number of seniors. it increases the risk pneumonia. >> a former nasa contractor accused of spying for china is now under arrest. the virginia congressman, frank wolf, revealed the news yesterday and said that contractor, a chinese national, worked at a virginia facility on high-tech programs that could benefit china's military, and the fbi busted him over the weekend with a one-way ticket on a flight about to take off to beijing. court documents show the worker did not revole all the electronics he was taking with him, including a nasa laptop commuter and a hard drive. congressman wolf says the contractor has a history of trouble. >> we know that mr. james has in the past, has in the past, taken sense stiff information back to china and he should not have been allowed to remove from langley.
12:57 pm
>> last week the inspector general said this did not appear to be. >> shepard: a huge day for a teenager who took a bullet on the school bus. today she walked back to school for the first time. what she says about her mission next. ds... ♪ wireless is limitless. [ female announcer ] from finding the best way... ♪ to finding the best catch... ♪ wireless is limitless.
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